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Five Keys for Balance | Holistic Balance

Five Keys for Balance

1) Food: the body’s fuel

A nutritious diet is one of the essential sources of fuel the body requires to maintain optimum health. Therefore, it is important to get to know the nutrients that suit your body type and then maintain a balanced diet that suits your body best. The key to a balanced diet is the right mixture of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. However, global pesticide pollution and the ever-increasing availability of processed food make it more and more difficult to acquire nutrition from food. This is why consuming dietary supplements in the form of vitamins, multivitamins or minerals is necessary to help keep your body be fit and healthy.

2) Chi: the body’s life energy

In traditional Chinese culture, Chi is an active principle forming part of any living thing. The body has natural patterns of Chi that circulate in channels called meridians. If a path is blocked, the Chi does not flow properly; blocked or un- balanced Chi movement can disrupt the function of body organs.

Clearing meridians to let the energy flow properly promotes overall body wellness. Often used techniques include physical training regimens and bodyworks.

3) Exercise and physical wellness

Cardiovascular exercise keeps the heart and lungs pumping and healthy. A regular, vigorous exercise routine, that is performed for approximately 20 minutes a day or more, will also promote energy levels, help to keep you well and promote a strong immune system.

Additionally, blood pressure and cholesterol levels also tend to be lower for those who exercise than those who are inactive.

4) Breathing, meditation and mental wellness

It is now acknowledged that the mind can have an extraordinarily potent effect on the body. Meditation has been practiced in all major world religions for centuries, either in prayer and contemplation, or as a way to achieve a state of bliss. Today many people use it to induce a state of relaxation and harmony.

Studies suggest that meditation may help to reverse or reduce stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines, depression and insomnia. Proper breathing, or diaphragmatic breathing, is also a way to achieve mental wellness. It allows you to tap one of your body’s strongest self-healing mechanisms.

5) Body Maintenance

Due to stress and overwork, we deplete our body and mind of energy and other resources. However, we hardly think of recovering the expended energy back to our body. Eventually, our body and mind will likely lose balance and health, leading to an imbalanced life.

As beneficial for the body as good nutrition and regular exercise, body works help promote total wellbeing. Maintaining your body with a massage once a month encourages a sense of relaxation, reduces stress and fatigue, and restores loss energy.

Improve in one of these elements and experience the positive effect on all aspects of your life.


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