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An Introduction into My Practice

Hello and welcome,
My name is Dean Baldwin and I am a Remedial Massage Practitioner. In this blog I will be outlining what to expect on the client’s first visit and also going forward in terms of treatment and my style.
You may ask how I got into massage? It was always a desire of mine to go into a clinical setting and help people achieve optimum functionality, through movement and hands-on treatment.
I like to run a professional massage practice and I do so by following some simple steps:
– Firstly, I transition the client into a relaxed state by setting the mood with soothing, gentle music for the mind, body and soul.
– I run through the client form and discuss medical history, work duties, reason for treatment and future goals.
– I complete range of motion testing on any painful or restricted muscles and joints to identify the root cause. This is completed before and after the treatment to highlight the improvement.
– Most importantly throughout the treatment I use a variety of techniques to unlock any pain or tension and relax the soft tissues.
– Finally, I construct a suitable treatment plan so that the client can achieve their goals quickly and effectively.
I treat a range of acute and chronic conditions, which I will outline in more detail in my forthcoming blogs.
Thank you and take care.

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